Flight over the Tirupati; TTD outraged.

Tirupati: The board of the TTD and devotees have expressed their anguish and urged the Government of India (GoI) to declare the Balaji Temple as the ‘no-fly zone’ after the Spicejet flight flew above the shrine on Wednesday. The trust opposed the fly of the flights above the shrine would be the violation of scripture Agamana Shastra.

The Spicejet plane from Tirupati to Hyderabad flew above the TTD at 8am on the morning of Wednesday, has triggered a scare in the Tirupati. Although the Ministry of Civil Aviation has not declared the as a ‘No-fly zone’, it had suggested the different airlines to take the diversions of the flights in the different direction to avoid the mess.

But the TTD was seen disappointed to see the flight flying above the Garbhagruha of the shrine, even after the several and repeated proposals submitted to the center to declare the shrine as ‘no-fly zone’. The Trust of the shrine had sent the proposal to the center demanding the shrine to be declared as the ‘no-fly zone’ in 2012 and thereafter the trust had sent proposal for several times.

“The government must consider the request of the TTD very soon and declare the area as the ‘no flying zone’ in order to respect the sentiments of TTD and devotees as well”, urged, Ramana Dixit, The eminent priest at the Temple.

The temple has been the hub of large number pilgrims and devotees visiting the temple every day. Thus the Temple has also expressed concerns that huge mishap would happen if any plane accidents occur above the Temple.

According to the Agamana Shastra, which followed by TTd, the fly of plane above the TTD is violation of the epic findings, as the TTD has stated.


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