Lord Sri Rama on Simha Vahana

Lord Sri Rama, the processional deity of Kodandarama Swamy temple at Tirupati  took celestial ride on the majestic Simha Vahanam on the morning of on Wednesday, the third day of festival.

IMPORTANCE OF SIMHA VAHANAM: Simha serves as a symbolic message of balance and sound judgement. Lion shares the world of both night and day and bears a message of prudence to us. Other than a symbol for strength, other symbolic attributes of the lion includes Wisdom, Power, Royalty, Dignity, Courage, Justice, Ferocity, Dominion and Authority.

To show that these are all the characteris

tics of an able administrator, Lord Sri Rama took celestial ride on Simha Vahanam and blessed the devotees.

Dyeo Smt Munilakshmi, Superintendent Sri Uma Maheshwar Reddy Temple Inspector Sri Sesha Reddy, Temple Archaka Sri Nandu Swamy, Archakas Sri Kiran Swamy, Tarun Swamy and large number of devotees took part.

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