Vijayawada : The flowers and fruits Exhibition put up at the TTD model temple complex on the PWD grounds of Vijayawada as part of the Krishna Pushkaram has attracted large number of pushkar devotees.

On the directions of TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao and Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju the team of Deputy Director Horticulture Sri Srinivasulu had put up the flower and fruits exhibition to enthrall the pushkaram devotees on the glory and activities underway at Tirumala on behalf of the TTD.

Vamana and Bali chakravarti, Mahavishnu,  Lava, Kusha narrating Ramayana at Valmiki ashram, Sangam of rivers erupting from the feet of Mahavishnu,  Sri Krishna holding aloft the Govardhanagiri to save villagers from Indiras Ire are very attractive.

The flower exhibits focused mostly on the mythological themes glorifying the legend of Lord Venkateswara and also the animals etc.

Most of the devotees who came to Pushkara snanam and visited the model Srivari temple also went around the various stalls put up by the TTD showcasing its various activities for benefit of the devotees and pilgrims besides for propagation of sanatana hindu dharma and devotional elixir.



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